No empty words, visible results only.

New visitors ask questions that can turn to real profits. We work closely with you to understand how to maximize the conversion rate from your website, and what the cost for each sale should be. The digital development of your Business should not be beyond your control.

We use Google Analytics, AdWords, and our own measurement tools that help be transparent in everything we do. Additionally, we send a detailed report every month because we know that measuring productivity is key to determining success.

Magic Creative SEO process

01. Research

Becoming familiar with your goals

02. Technical Strategy

Developing the correct foundation

03. Strategic Content

Reaching the correct audience

04. Marketing Content

Expanding the boundaries of your brand

05. Analyzing the Traffic

Review, evaluation and report

  1. Research

    Getting familiar with your products, services and target audience.

    We identify your goals and explore the competition to build a clear vision of success in your industry. We are familiar with the latest Google updates and do the necessary research in order to reach your goals successfully. The intricacies of your Business help us find the target audience and turn visitors into customers.

  2. Technical Strategy

    We perform detailed technical reviews designed to reveal all technical UX and SEO issues.

    We use the latest search innovations to make sure that each of our clients' websites is on top of the digital wave. We cover everything from basics like meta content and site maps to more technical issues such as speed and implementation of the

  3. Strategic Content

    We conduct a preliminary study to make sure that the content will appeal and attract a certain group of people.

    Our content is SEO oriented, but we refrain from keyword saturation. It should be unique, engaging and responsive not only to the needs of the search engines, but also to those of your audience. Good content will not simply be checked and indexed, it will attract natural external traffic over time.

  4. Marketing Content

    Building an audience with different types of informative content

    We have a professional marketing content creation team that generates ideas, content and relationships that can lead to referrals and increased brand popularity.

  5. Analyzing the Traffic

    Uninterrupted cycle of analysis and performance evaluation.

    Based on detailed analyses, we ensure that you get the best according to your budget. Our SEO specialists are Google Analytics (GAIQ) Qualified. Their keen eye and experience with Excell data allow them to determine not only what works, but more importantly why. Performing well is a valuable thing, but the knowledge of how to improve further is invaluable.


Our Services

Specific sector

Individual SEO approach for every Business.

We have worked with companies in the field of real estate, education, IT and others that provide us with varied knowledge in different areas. Each one has its own specifics and challenges where a straightforward SEO approach would not succeed. Onsite optimization, visitor targeting, performance measurement, and our marketing strategies provide our customers with lasting leadership in the digital competition.

Local & International

Managing campaigns with focused range.

Whether you are running a local or international Business, we have the knowledge and skills to make sure your website is prosperous. Our reputation for success covers the two highly specialized areas - Local & International SEO.

We are currently providing SEO services in:
  • Bulgaria
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland

Recovery after a punishment from Google

Reviving your wbsite from the depths of darkness.

More than 10% of all websites today are subjects of Google punishment. Restoring their "normal" positioning takes knowledge and experience. Whether you are affected by a Panda or Penguin algorithm, we are ready to help you bring your site back up.

Marketing Content

Strategies focused on building unique content that people will love.

Our marketing, copywriting and social media specialists build strategic content that strengthens your Business. This is a very important moment in every campaign. Good content creates organic references, promotes organic sharing, and develops organic affinity for your brand.

Online Store Optimization

Approach and strategies for online sales.

We use a general constructive approach to building an ideal return structure. ON-page optimization, A/B testing techniques and daily performance tracking allow us to reach beyond consumer expectations and surpass the results of your competitors.

Experience speaks for itself...

We have vast experience in implementing SEO campaigns for different industries and sectors.

  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Architecture
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Transport & Shipping
  • Education
  • Health & Beauty
  • Ecommerce ... and many more

... and the people we do it for