The right people, time and message. 

Multinational companies with huge marketing budgets do not dominate the search results. PPC campaigns guarantee traffic to your website and you only pay per click. With proper management and optimization, your campaigns can deliver results with a maximum return on investment (ROI).

Without professional supervision, your cost per click can be increased rapidly. As a Google Certified Partner, we are qualified to make your PPC campaigns not only effective, but also productive. We begin with a detailed audit, creation of relevant areas, keywords and advertising boxes that we constantly refine in order to save your money.

Magic Creative PPC guide

Attracting attention

Our certified PPC team works with a variety of production techniques to ensure that your keywords are as relevant as possible.

Comparative analysis of keywords

Analyzing the industry and our professional skills ensures the lowest possible risk and the greatest potential for return on investment.

Conversion methods

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PPC Campaign Management

  1. Research and Strategy

    In order for a PPC campaign to be successful, it must be directed to the right people, at the right time, using the right device and conveying the right message. Before building the campaign, we spend time exploring and understanding your audience and Business so that we can offer a strategy specifically designed for you to instantly deliver profitable results.

  2. Professional look that will save you money

    We are constantly optimizing our activity through benchmarking and active testing in different areas. We are always looking for a change from your current selection by building new campaign capabilities as well as optimizing ad slots and landing pages. Our approach focuses on the acquisition cost and the opportunities for its reduction. The lower the cost per acquisition (CPA,) the higher the yield.

  3. Better conversions using remarketing

    PPC advertising is not limited to search engine results. We use remarketing on the Google Display Network to target ads to users already on your website. While they browse different websites, we refresh their memory with targeted messages expressed in text or image ads. Remarketing often has a higher conversion rate and helps you get the most out of your campaigns.

  4. Data & Conversion optimization

    As an added value, running PPC campaigns offer real-time performance data. Real-time updates allow us to get the most out of keywords, ad slot, and website information as well as quickly and easily test new features, promotions, and products. The information we get about the performance of your keywords and landing pages is constantly being used to analyze and enhance your success. The accumulation of historical data helps to develop a broader marketing strategy and expand your PPC campaigns.

Our Services

Display Network Advertising

Demographically Targeted Ads on the Google Display Network.

This type of ad reaches users when they browse websites that offer Google Ads. By using strategic targeting the Display Network can be used to promote your Business to people before and after they've made their purchase decision. The Google Display Network is a cost-effective way of presenting your brand to potential customers.


Tactical ads that attract users who have already visited your website and make them return.

This type of ads work by using cookies in the browser to tag visitors of your website. This allows us to show them ads while they browse other websites. Remarketing combined with other channels allows you to maximize your initial investment by captivating users and ensuring their return to your website. It is also an excellent way to establish loyalty and engagement.

Experience speaks for itself...

We have extensive experience in implementing PPC campaigns for different industries and sectors.

  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Architecture
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Transport & Shipping
  • Education
  • Health & Beauty
  • Ecommerce ... and many more

... and the people we do it for